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The Soul Choir normally maintains 9-12 vocal positions (soprano, alto, and tenor).  We perform primarily gospel, soul, and R&B music.  The Soul Choir is a highly specialized group and requires an advanced level of vocal ability, experience, and tone matching.  All members must maintain this level of artistry in order to remain in the group.  

Members are not solely chosen based on their vocal ability.  Each Soul Choir member must understand and pledge to dedicate themselves to the mission of the Soul Choir.  We are looking for great singers with a great heart for ministry who also fit socially within the group and around others.  We are about serving others and working together as a team and we want you to feel comfortable praying with and leading others to the Lord.

If you would like to audition for SOUL CHOIR please click the APPLY FOR SOUL CHOIR button below. You will also be able to upload an audition video or paste a link to your YouTube, Vimeo, or other video site.  If you have any questions please call: 951-206-3321 or email:  All applicants must be 16 years or older.  Anyone under 18 must have parental consent for involvement with the Soul Choir.  Soul Choir does not discriminate based on ethnicity, denomination, or physical handicap.  In order to be considered for a position with the Soul Choir, you must be a born-again Christian (see the About SC section for our Statement of Faith).

Although Soul Choir members are primarily volunteers (not paid employees) and are not required to sign a contract, we do require a certain level of commitment from each member.  Upon acceptance of their position with the Soul Choir, each member commits their time, talent, and resources to the mission and integrity of the Soul Choir.  This also includes, but is not limited to, participation in rehearsals, performances, recordings, and service projects.  All Soul Choir members are required to attend and participate in a weekly rehearsal.  Performances are also required.  We do, however, understand that members may not be able to attend every rehearsal and performance.  We just ask that you communicate with the Director or your section leader ahead of time.


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