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Soul Choir is a legal 501(c)(3) non-profit organization through Artists in Christian Testimony Intl (ACT).  This provides the Soul Choir with financial accountability, as well as ministerial credibility.  They also provide (for a fee) bookkeeping and payroll services, donor receipting and tracking services, and government reporting.

The Soul Choir also has an advisory board that provides knowledge, experience and expertise to help the ministry reach its goals and to continue to be as effective and focused as possible.


Chaplain Wayne Fleming (DCSO) — Chap. Fleming has been with the Davidson County Sheriff’s Correctional Complex for over 30 years.  He has become a huge fan of the ministry of the Soul Choir as they have ministered in the Correctional Development Center and Offender Re-Entry Centers MANY times.  Chap. Fleming provides spiritual accountability as well as counseling for individual Soul Choir members, and ALWAYS has a word of encouragement for everyone.  We are truly grateful to have this mighty man of God as part of the Soul Choir team!

Gene Schmidt — Gene Schmidt is the chairman of the 300 member Christian music organization CSMI.  A 7 year old organization, CSMI has members across the US and other countries.  Along with CSMI, Gene is the national music director for Karitos — a music fine arts organization in its 25th year of operation. Training people across the country, Karitos is the leading ministry in cultivating the arts involving Christians in the US. Gene is also Vice President Of Hand Of Help ministries working in Romania with orphaned children. Gene also chairs the Christian Leaders Coalition In WI aimed at seeing human sex trafficking eradicated, strip clubs shut down, and working with state leaders to see our towns become decent, family friendly, and safe towns. Gene is also the writer of the recent anthem “Not In Our Town” which encourages people to fight for faith based values across the US. He is happy to be a board member for the group “Soul Choir” as well.


2015 — Volunteer of the Year (United Brotherhood Ministries)

2019 — Volunteer of the Year (Nashville Rescue Mission)

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