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SOUL CHOIR is dedicated to bringing the Good News of God's unconditional love and our hope of salvation through the powerful catalyst of excellent music especially to those in prison, the homeless, the poverty stricken, and those who are hurting and feel they have no hope (Isaiah 58:10, Isaiah 61:1, Matthew 25:31-46, Acts 20:24, James 1:27).  

With its unique blend of gospel, soul and R&B music, the SOUL CHOIR aims to create an atmosphere that will break down cultural and denominational boundaries and allow God to move in powerful ways.

SOUL CHOIR specializes in ministry to prison/jail inmates, the homeless, military bases, churches, etc., as well as studio and live backup work, and is made up of professional-level singers & musicians dedicated to Soul Choir and its mission. It is our goal to promote unity in the Body of Christ, therefore, Soul Choir members represent several different ethnic groups, churches and denominations.  

The purpose of the SOUL CHOIR is three-fold: first,  to 
REVIVE, RESTORE and RECRUIT souls for the Kingdom by presenting the Gospel in a very real and tangible way through powerful music, testimony and service; secondly, to provide its members the opportunity to grow musically and spiritually while providing opportunities for front-lines ministry & missions; and thirdly, to inspire, educate and motivate those in the Body of Christ to get outside the walls of their church and use their gifts to affect their communities for the Kingdom of God. 

Our long-term vision is to see Soul Choir’s developed in major metropolitan cities throughout the US and even the WORLD.

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